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Apostle Lionel & Pastor Margaret Etwaru

Apostle Lionel Etwaru and his wife, Pastor Margaret Etwaru have been the founders and pastors of Global Christian Ministries, 86-02 115th St. Richmond Hill, NY 11418, for the past 19 years. 
Saved from Hinduism in September 1963, Apostle Lionel has been involved in Ministry since 1964. He has served in Guyana, South America, the country of birth, as one of the pioneers of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers that today has about 170 churches throughout the country. This group with an Apostolic mandate has raised and trained men and women in Ministry to serve in Guyana and in 26 different Nations.

Apostle Lionel also served as Bible School Teacher and Principal of the Bible Training Center. He was Chairman of the Fellowship and a member of the National Apostolic Team, until he migrated to the USA in 1989.

As a Leader and an Outstanding Teacher of the Word, he has ministered in Pastors' and Leaders' Conferences, Conventions, Crusades and Youth Retreats in about 30 Nations, and extensively in the USA. He has spent his life serving and helping Believers and Leaders to reach their God-given Potentials. He has a Bachelor's in Theology and a Master's in the Psychology of Christian Counselling.

His wife of 32 years have also been involved with him in Ministry over the years, especially in Marriage Enrichment Seminars. Pastor Margaret has ministered in Worship and Women's Seminars in many nations. She has been a Mentor and an Inspiration to women everywhere, she has served and ministered.  

Apostle Lionel and Pastor Margaret, along with the Leaders and the Global Christian Ministries Family are focused as never before on reaching Richmond Hill and the surrounding communities of New York City with the Message of the Kingdom of God, and providing ministries and services that will impact every area of life.  WE DO NOT WANT CHURCH AS USUAL. THERE MUST BE A SHIFT.

While their Commitment to the Local Community is strong, their Vision for the Nations keep increasing in Intensity.  There is a New Generation arising at Global Christian Ministries -  A GENERATION WITHOUT LIMITS. Apostle Lionel and Pastor Margaret are proven Leaders of their generation, and are equipped and ready to lead the NEXT GENERATION INTO THE PURPOSE OF GOD.  A GENERATION like Mary of old, PREGNANT WITH PROPHETIC PURPOSE, who will DARE to BELIEVE "THAT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE."

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